Thank you for the positive energy

Dear PollerWiesen friends,

we would like to thank you for the massive positive energy of last Sunday. Without your support and love for the electronic music we wouldn't be what we are today. 

First images are here: PollerWiesen Facebook

Your trust in us feels like a present to the 25th anniversary of PollerWiesen. After the sold out Opening in April also our largest event can join the circle. The PollerWiesen Festival was sold out in advance as well and we had one of the best days in our life with all of you! Now we have the sold out PollerWiesen Boot Eins ahead of us before we can fully get into our official anniversary on August 4th in Cologne.

We are looking forward to seeing you again at 
PollerWiesen 25 Years in Cologne! We recommend you to buy the presale tickets now, as we expect them to be gone soon. From the experience of the last events we had, the demand has grown enormously and the tickets sold out as fast as never before.

Celebrate our 25th anniversary with us since we're all part of the PollerWiesen history and we don’t want to miss any of you guys.


Your PollerWiesen Team