Phase II sold out. Phase III starts now!

Phase II Tickets are sold out! Phase III Tickets start now. Please note that "Day & Night" Tickets are very limited due to capacity at the Night Venue. The experience we made over the last events was that the demand has grown enormously and the tickets are sold out as fast as never before. We recommend not to wait any longer!

In addition, we can’t guarantee third-hand tickets. There is no guarantee of validity of the tickets. Please use only services like Ticketswap for the purchase / sale of 3rd hand tickets.

Ticket Shop:

Phase III
Day - 22€
Day & Night - 34€ (SOLD OUT)

Phase II
Day - 19€ (SOLD OUT)
Day & Night - 31€ (SOLD OUT)

Phase I 
Day - 16€ (SOLD OUT)
Day & Night - 28€ (SOLD OUT)

Group Ticket 5 Pers. [Day] - 85€ (SOLD OUT)
Group Ticket 5 Pers. [Day & Night] - 135€ (SOLD OUT)